Find your path to lower emissions.

Carbon Signal provides rapid-feedback analysis that helps building owners and operators reduce carbon emissions across large building portfolios.

Reduce carbon emissions with better, faster analytics.   

Carbon Signal helps real estate professionals analyze operational carbon emissions and identify opportunities for deep carbon reductions.

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Active buidlings


Tons of Carbon


Reduction potential

Analytics to drive decarbonization.

Thinking about developing a strategy to decarbonize your buildings but not sure where to start? Get insights that help you make informed decisions about decarbonization across your entire portfolio.

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Quickly import data.

Carbon Signal works with only a few datapoints for each building: size, location, and monthly energy use. Using only these datapoints, we create a unique model to represent your building.

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Evaluate performance.

The models that Carbon Signal creates in the background can be used to evaluate existing building conditions, understand the biggest drivers of carbon emissions, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Identify opportunties.

Analyze the impact of various decarbonization strategies for each building in your portfolio. Carbon Signal provides an estimate for the energy and carbon reductions that you can expect from different interventions.

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Create scenarios.

Once you know which strategies will have the most impact, you can use Carbon Signal to create unique decarbonization scenarios to lay the foundation for a comprehensive portfolio decarbonization plan.

How it works

Carbon signal combines the speed of machine learning with the accuracy of physics-based energy models to quickly analyze decarbonization strategies across your portfolio.

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All you need is your  building’s size, location, and monthly utility data. Import everything using a spreadsheet or connect to a third-party service.

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The platform uses machine learning to calibrate energy models to create a physics-based representation of your building works.

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Get a high-level overview of each building's level of performance, highlighting opportunities for deep energy and carbon reductions.

Our partners

Our industry partners are helping us improve Carbon Signal's analytics capabilities so that our platform meets the needs of today's real estate professionals.

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