Carbon analytics for your real estate portfolio.

Carbon Signal helps real estate professionals analyze operational carbon emissions and identify opportunities for deep carbon reductions.

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Built for speed and scale.

Thinking about making upgrades to your buildings but not sure where to start? Our platform is designed to quickly deliver insights that help you make informed decisions about decarbonization across your entire portfolio.

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Quickly create a baseline for performance.

We've created a streamlined platform to work with only a few key datapoints for each building such as size, location, and monthly energy use. Using only these datapoints, we can create a fully calibrated baseline model of performance.

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Analyze key energy and carbon performance metrics.

Quickly assess the performance of envelope, lighting, equipment, and HVAC systems and identify the most significant opportunities for carbon savings. The results are generated in only a few minutes - a fraction of the time it would take a team of consultants to deliver the same insights.

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Evaluate opportunities and create decarbonization scenarios.

Analyze the impact of various decarbonization strategies across your entire portfolio. The platform is designed with portfolio owners in mind, giving you the flexibility to arrange data in a way that makes sense for your organization. You can view results for a specific building, or take a more holistic approach to your portfolio.

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Develop customized analytics for implementation planning.

We’re constantly adding new features and functionality to the platform to meet the needs of real estate professionals and we offer specialized consulting services for complex portfolios. Get in touch if you have a special request for decarbonization analytics.

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How it works

Carbon signal combines the speed of machine learning with the accuracy of physics-based energy models to quickly analyze decarbonization strategies across your portfolio.

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Import utility data

All you need to get started is your  building’s size, location, and monthly utility data. Import everything using a spreadsheet or connect to a third-party data service. You don't need tons of data to start using Carbon Signal for decarbonization analysis.

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Calibrate energy models

The platform uses machine learning to calibrate energy models to match your utility data. The models are a physics-based representation of how your building works, so they can be used to test out any number of decarbonization strategies.

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Analyze results

We provide a high-level overview of each building's level of performance, highlighting opportunities for deep carbon reductions. Quickly create scenarios by combining any number of strategies across any number of buildings.

Our partners

Our industry partners are helping us improve Carbon Signal's analytics capabilities so that our platform meets the needs of today's real estate professionals.

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Accelerate your carbon analysis.